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Prevent Restore

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Log of changes

31 Aug 2023
Patch 105

New function and various improvements

- Added new function: automatically turn off computer when the work is done. Now you can leave our app working and when the work will be done the app will shut down your computer automatically.
- Added shadow to the app's window, now it looks much better.
- Improvements to the automatic window positioning.
- New framework to store user settings. Our app will be more stable when managing your preferences.
- Option to disable online update has been moved to the update screen, where you will expect to see this option.
14 Jul 2023
Patch 104

Added new security algorithms

- Added more algorithms for data deletion. Now, the total amount of algorithms is six. We will add more algorithms later, with the next releases.
- Added advanced menu with new functions. You can find this menu by clicking 3 dots in the title bar of our app. Then, scroll down to the end of list.
29 May 2023
Patch 103

New security algorithms has been added

- Added 2 new security algorithms for data deletion.
- Added option to hide yellow "Pro" labels, you can find it under menu "Developer".
- Standard style of application's alerts has been replaced by our own. Alerts are now in the same style like the app.
- Fixed bug with interface object which was covered by another one.
- Fixed bug when information about recent job was not displayed correctly in non-english interface.
13 Apr 2023
Patch 102

Various improvements

In this release we made a lot of small improvements almost everywhere. We cannot describe all changes which were made because the list is huge.
05 Dec 2022
Patch 101

New release

Today we are opening completely new project on the web - SEQET and releasing it's first product - a new Windows application.

Purpose of a new app is to protect user's privacy by erasing content of already deleted files, making file restore impossible.

The work was done during summer 2022, but due to the technical reason delayed till December 2022. Anyway, we are very happy to announce born of a new project. Please, take a moment and tell us your thoughts.

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