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Secure Delete


Log of changes

24 Aug 2023
Patch 302

Bug fixes and various improvements

- Added shadow to the app's window, now it looks much better.
- Improvements to the automatic window positioning.
- New framework to store user settings. Our app will be more stable when managing your preferences.
- Option to disable online update has been moved to the update screen, where you will expect to see this option.
- Fixed bug when app preferences were not applied immediately.
07 Jul 2023
Patch 301

Added more security algorithms

- Added more security algorithms for data deletion. Now, the total amount of algorithms is 6. We will continue adding new algorithms later, but currently, its more than enough.
- Added advanced menu with a few new functions for advanced users. You can find this menu by clicking 3 dots in the title bar of our app, and scrolling down to the end, to last option.
- Replaced standard alerts with our own, more stylish alerts.
13 Apr 2023
Patch 300

New release

New release

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