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This page has been translated automatically

Help us translate for people from your country

As you may notice our app has over 30 languages, but many of them has been translated using automatic translator. Thus, some translations are hard to read for human, because machine's translation usually "so so".

You can help people from your country by translating our app to your own language. Its a common practice over the internet and it will take just a hour of your time.

All what you need is already located in the program files folder, where our app has been installed on your computer. In the two subfolders:
• Framework\Languages
• Application\Languages

You will see many text files there. Find the one for your language, open it using Notepad and edit it as usual text.

Special notes:

Language files are ini-files. Each phrase located on each own line, do not break the line, even if it's too long. Do NOT translate first part of the line (left part), it's separated from translation (right part) by equal "=" sign.

We strongly ask you to contact us first, before translation, because some languages may be already in progress, thus you don't have to do this work twice.

Please note, that at this time we are unable to pay you for this work, because the apps are 99% for free.

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