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Which security standards are implemented in our apps?

During development of our software we have implemented a wide range of security policies, protocols and algorithms.

These are not just a words! It's a hundreds of thousands of working hours of researches of wise people from all over the World to make Internet safe. And we implement all these in our apps.

GDPR is a European law, set of policies that protects user's data and privacy.

AES-256 is a strong encryption algorithm that we use in our apps.

ISO is a set of security technics, set of standards related to security.

RSA is an advanced crypto system that widely used in our systems.

National institute of standards and technologies has developed security standards that we use today.

InfoSec Institute helps our staff get modern knowledge on a regular basis.

CIS is an independent, nonprofit organization with that helps us to create confidence in the connected world.

With Advanced PKI our site runs more securely and provides you with safe downloads.

We have implemented many of good ideas from Information Technology Act

Triple DES is a symmetric-key block cipher, which used in some algorithms of our apps.

And there are many more!..

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